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Drama Club Performs "Gunshot, Stage Left"

Drama Club Performs "Gunshot, Stage Left"

The Slings & Arrows Players delivered a wonderful performance of this year's winter play, Gunshot, Stage Left, on February 23 and 24. Written and directed by Ben Corbett '25, Gunshot, Stage Left employs the Agatha Christie murder mystery formula: establish multiple possible suspects, assemble them all in the same room, and the culprit is revealed by the shrewd detective (or, in this case, not too shrewd and someone else does the revealing). Gunshot, Stage Left is a play within a play that takes place in a theatre. Someone has exchanged blanks for live bullets with murderous results...

The actors and the crew excelled under the guidance of faculty member Mark Rogers and would like to thank all the students, parents, and faculty who have supported the drama club this year.

Congratulations to all for a job well done!

Written & Directed by - Ben Corbett '25
Director Lucas George - Peter Bachiochi ’25
Doctor - Ryan Sullivan ’27
Detective Wattson - Anthony Marcucci ’27 
Officer Dupont - Noah Wagner ’28 
Sherlock House - Joe Ryan ’28
Actor Zack Black - Patrick Dunn ’28
Actor Tom Yacht - Ryan Krummell ’27
Actor Johnny Shallow - Ben Deschenes ’28
Actor Leonardo DiCaprisun - Owen Zhang ’25
Janitor Steve Spillbird - Brendan Fleming ’29
Stage Manager - Maxim Kalinichenko ’25
Monsieur Rogers - Ben Corbett ’25
Lights & Sound - Raif Boit ’24, Josh Corbett ’23
Poster & Program - Allie Colgan, Penny Reilly
Aide-De-Camp - Mark Rogers