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Curriculum Night Showcases St. Sebastian's Academic Rigor

Curriculum Night Showcases St. Sebastian's Academic Rigor

The St. Sebastian's School Admissions Office hosted Curriculum Night on Tuesday, November 7, providing prospective students and their families the opportunity to enjoy in-depth discussions of the School's curriculum with current students and faculty.

The evening began in Ward Hall, where Assistant Headmaster and Dean of Studies Michael Nerbonne welcomed everyone and offered remarks. Director of Admissions and Financial Aid, Greg Wishart P’27,’29, explained the agenda for the night and outlined the rest of the admissions process.

Prospective families visited different sessions that explored the St. Sebastian's curriculum: Mathematic Reasoning; Scientific Inquiry; History; Writing, Speaking, and Critical Thinking; Faith and Reason; Spanish; Classics; and Fine Arts. In addition to enjoying an art exhibit in Ward Hall, guests also heard a student musical performance with Mr. Karl Grohmann. 

Thank you to all who helped make the evening an informative and welcoming experience for visiting families.