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Coming Together to Support Ukraine

Prior to March Break, St. Sebastian’s held a drive to support Ukrainian refugees. Thanks to a tremendous response from our families, the donations of items kept pouring in. The Friday before break, a group of students helped to sort all the toiletries, then went down an assembly line packing the items into individual toiletry kits, with everything from wipes and nail clippers to combs and toothbrushes. The boys were able to make 270 toiletry kits to ship to Poland and also packed three large boxes with men’s gloves, socks and thermal blankets to ship the Ukraine. The drive was organized by Wendy Thurmond P’25 and fellow Class of 2025 moms, Jane Singh and Beth Plunkett, helped Wendy and the boys pack up all the items. Sixteen boxes totaling 800 pounds were sent via a Polish travel agency in Boston to a Catholic Church along the border in Poland. The kits will then be distributed to the thousands of refugees coming across the border, many of whom only have one bag filled with their belongings. Special thanks to Mrs. Thurmond for spearheading this drive and creating a video to capture its success.

Watch Video of Ukraine Drive ►