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Colonel Conley '94 Speaks at Veterans Day Assembly

On Friday, November 8, the school community gathered for a Veterans Day Assembly. The keynote speaker, Colonel Chris Conley ’94, returned to campus to speak with current Arrows, focusing on citizenship and service to our nation.

Citing Luke 12:48, “to whom much is given, much is expected,” Colonel Conley, who has served in the Army since graduating from West Point in 1998, noted that expectations are high for the members of the student body and they should be. He asked the boys, “Is the nation going to be better for you having been in it?” and challenged them to think about what they can do now and in the future for that to be true.  

Through his own experiences as an Arrow, Colonel Conley reminded the boys that St. Sebastian’s is more than just a school community, it’s a family. He encouraged his listeners to be good citizens: to read or listen to the news and think critically about what’s happening in the world; to be trained in CPR and first aid so they might someday save a life; and to know how to get somewhere – without a phone. He implored the boys to serve in their community, workplace, neighborhood and beyond, to find what their passionate about and help others in any way they can.

Following the assembly, the 8th graders headed to their weekly class Chapel meeting, where they received a special surprise. A bagpiper processed into St. Sebastian’s Chapel, filling the space with the beautiful sound as he played “Amazing Grace” as a tribute to Fr. John Arens and David Cornish, who both served in the Marines Corp. The bagpiper also played the Marines Hymn at the end of Chapel.

As we approach Veterans Day, we thank all of our Arrows who have served in any branch of the U.S. Armed Forces for their service to our nation.


Colonel Chris Conley '94