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Class of 2022 College Matriculation

Members of the Class of 2022 will be heading to the following colleges and universities:

William J. Adams — Fordham University
Ryan P. Albertson — Boston College
Colin C. Boland — Duke University
Timothy R. Browne — Colorado College
Michael P. Callow — Harvard commit 2023
John M. Carroll — Providence College
Michael T. Cataldo — Gap Year
John K. Chisholm — Pitzer College
Matthew S. Choi — Georgetown University
Michael C. Connelly — College of the Holy Cross
John G. Cox — College of the Holy Cross
Thomas C. Cronin — Georgetown University
Kevin E. Cummings — Washington University in St. Louis
Griffin K. Cusack — Colorado College
Charles S. DeMatteo — Harvard University
Nicholas J. Derenzo — Villanova University
Braedan P. Donovan — Berkshire School
William M. Elias — Gap Year
John T. Flynn —    Harvard University
Bennett T. Frisoli — Tufts University
Cormac K. Gallagher — Villanova University
Ryan W. Gallant —Bucknell University
Brendan R. Gorman — Princeton University
Jayden J. Grier — Gap Year
Nicholas N. Grover — Villanova University
Andrew J. Hahm — Amherst College
Alexander S. Hartman — Northeastern University
Andrew P. Hassey — Skidmore College
John G. Hentschel — Dickinson College
Samuel F. Ix — Boston College
Martin F. Kane — Tulane University 
Ryan N. Kazmouz — University of California (Irvine)
Dylan C. Knightly — Middlebury College
Brian W. Luppy — Villanova University
Aidan J. Maguire — Duke University
Gary J. McCall — Howard University
Cooper B. McCann — Harvard University
Aidan C. McCarthy — Duke University
William M. McInerney — Georgetown University
Patrick J. McKeigue — University of Pennsylvania
Brendan A. Melley — University of Virginia 
Liam C. Muldowney — Northeastern University
Mark J. Newell — Middlebury College
Aidan E. Noonan — Fordham University
Matthew T. Noone — Villanova University
Kristian G. Nordby — United States Military Academy at West Point
Christian G. Pichay — College of the Holy Cross
Thomas E. Proia — St. Lawrence University
Alexander L. Purpura — University of Georgia
Jack H. Rideout — University of Michigan
Joseph T. Santosuosso —    University of Louisville
Thomas M. Scordino — Boston College
Timothy R. Souza — Amherst College
Jack K. Sullivan — Boston College
Maxwell C. Surprenant —    Harvard University
Joseph G. Sylvester —Colby College
Cole J. Szeman — Colby College
John J. Toomey — College of the Holy Cross
Johannes C. Vigener — Clarkson University
Kevin S. Wakakuwa — University of Notre Dame
Gavin G. Walsh — Babson College
Richard C. Walsh — University of Southern California
 Paul F. White — University of California (Los Angeles)
Matthew B. Williams — College of the Holy Cross
Richard A. Wilz — Fairfield University
Cormac F. Wright — Colby College
Charles Z. Yang — Cornell University