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Class of 2021 Alumni-Senior Breakfast

The Class of 2021 gathered in person for the traditional Alumni-Senior Breakfast on Seidl Field on Thursday, June 3rd. This annual event brings the graduating class together with members of the Alumni Board as well as alumni parents and alumni grandparents of graduates. The Class of 2021 has deep roots at St. Sebastian’s with four legacy graduates: Matt Devlin ’21 & Brian Devlin ’81, Joe Harney ’21 & Joe Harney ’92, Christopher Mullen ’21 & Jay Mullen ’78, and Reed Shachoy ’21 & Chris Shachoy ’83. In addition, Michael Lee ’21 was joined by his grandfather, Andy McAuliffe ’48! Following an opening blessing by Fr. Paris and a breakfast buffet, Board of Trustees President, Jim Elcock ’77, addressed the seniors reminding them that “Arrows look out for Arrows,” and of their responsibilities as alumni. Elcock also took the opportunity to thank outgoing Alumni Board President, Charles Haley ’92, for his outstanding three year term as president. Charles Haley welcomed the Class of 2021 to the Alumni ranks and announced the Class of 2021 Class Agents elected by their peers: Seamus Foley, Ted Harrington, Juan Oliva, Joseph Pandit, and Paul Vallace. Headmaster Burke encouraged the seniors to focus on the three S’s…Slow down and take it all in, Savor the final days together, and Say the things that need to be said to your classmates and teachers who made your time at St. Sebastian’s what it was. All things at St. Sebastian’s begin and end with prayer, and so Fr. Arens blessed the Class of 2021 as they take their final steps towards graduation. Best of luck to the Class of 2021!