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Class of 2020 Celebrates 100 Days to Graduation

The St. Sebastian's Senior Class congregated in Ward Hall this morning, February 25, for the annual "100 Days to Graduation" Breakfast, celebrating the milestone with a delicious meal prepared by the dining staff.

During breakfast, the students were addressed by Michael Melley P'18,'22, Director of Alumni Programs. Melley explained to the students the concept of the Class Agent and told them about the many alumni events St. Sebastian's offers. He also introduced the seniors to Arrows Connect, the St. Sebastian's community networking platform. Headmaster Burke shared his thoughts on the 4 S's of the final 100 days to the Class of 2020: one, to slow down and take it all in; two, to savor the remaining days; three, to say what you want others to know before you leave; and four, don't let "senioritis" set in. How we leave a community says everything about our character. Finish strong and leave with dignity.

The Class of 2020 selected Class Agents, who will assist with coordinating class events for years to come, and received a t-shirt marking the milestone, which they were able to wear for the remainder of the school day.

A senior cast a vote for a class agent.
Seniors receive shirts
Seniors check out their new shirts.
A senior wears his new shirt.
Seniors eat their breakfast.
Seniors get their breakfast.
Mike Melley talks to the seniors.
Headmaster Bill Burke talks to the seniors.
Seniors get their breakfast.
Seniors get their breakfast.
Seniors get their breakfast.