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Arrows Participate in First Annual Thespis Festus

Arrows Participate in First Annual Thespis Festus

St. Sebastian’s held its first annual Thespis Festus on Wednesday night, May 22. The Thespis Festus is a Latin declamation contest conceived of and implemented by Liam Cunjak ’25.

Sixteen students volunteered to memorize and perform Latin passages from mythology and the regular canon of authors, such as Catullus and Vergil. Yet, students also performed Latin versions of Martin Luther King’s “I Have a Dream” speech, Antony’s famous “Friends, Romans, Countrymen” speech from Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar, and Maurice Sendak’s childhood classic, Where the Wild Things Are.

Congratulations to our three winners:

Rohan Ghatge ’29, Lower Division

Ethan Abdella ’27, Intermediate Division

Liam Cunjak ’25, Upper Division