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Arrows Display Artistic Talent at Spring Revue

Arrows Display Artistic Talent at Spring Revue

The Fine Arts Department held the annual Spring Revue on Monday, May 1. Held in The Burke Family Center, the event provided our artists, actors, and musicians an opportunity to showcase their talents for parents, peers, faculty, and friends.

In the Martin Hall rotunda, attendees were able to view student photography, ceramics, sculptures, and more.

Performing arts were highlighted in the theater. The Slings & Arrows Players presented two comedic skits. The first titled, "Without Benefit of License" featured Anthony Marcucci '27, Conor Greaney '27, and Patrick Dunn '28. The second skit titled "Family Game Night" was written and directed by Benjamin Corbett '25 and featured Robert Craven '23, Patrick Dunn '28, Anthony Marcucci '27, Owen Zhang '25, Benjamin Corbett '25, and Joe Ryan '28.

The Jazz Pop Ensemble performed a number of songs including "As It Was," "Uptown Funk," "Everybody Talks," "Ain't It Fun," and "Don't Stop Me Now." The talented St. Sebastian's musicians in the Jazz Pop Ensemble included: Dylan Lipof '24, Ethan Merithew '23, Perry Rassiger '24, Henry duBose '24, Joe Koh '26, Rohan Ghatge '28, Gianluca Centola '24, Derron St. Marie '24, Eamon McCarthy '26, Conor Sullivan '26, Deven Carkner '24, Bobby Ferguson '28, Josh Corbett '23, Ryan Connolly '27, Ben Goffredo '24, Andrew MacDougall '27, and John Joyce '27.

Thank you to our amazing Fine Arts Department, and all the faculty and staff who helped organize this special celebration of the arts.