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Arrows Create Portraits for the Memory Project

Arrows Aidan McCarthy '22, Paul White '22, and Jack Sullivan '22 returned to the Memory Project to help lead newcomers Declan Carroll '25, Derron St. Marie '24 and Joe Hamilton '21 to create portraits for Rohingya refugee orphans that are currently living in a refugee camp in Malaysia.

Over the past decade, more than 175,000 people from ethnic and religious minorities have landed in Malaysia hoping to escape violence and persecution. Though they have found safety in Malaysia, they do not have any legal status or rites. Children are often the collateral damage in crises like these. The Memory Project is an outstanding organization that aims to promote good global citizenship and promotes kindness. They partnered with a charity in Malaysia who run a wonderful school providing these beautiful children with an education and hope. The St. Sebastian’s community and artists are honored to create portraits of extraordinary children like these and send them the message of kindness, respect and encouragement.