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Arrows Compete in FIRST Robotics Massachusetts Qualifying Tournament

Members of the St. Sebastian’s FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC) Robotics Team traveled to Andover High School on Saturday, January 11, to compete in a FIRST Robotics Massachusetts Qualifying tournament against eighteen other teams from the area.

The Arrows competed in five preliminary-round matches, finishing with a 2 – 3 record. Despite the record, other teams recognized the quality and relative consistency of our robot, and selected our team to be an Alliance partner in the semifinals. The new Alliance fought valiantly but lost in the third match (best of three format) by a score of 64 – 58!

During the awards ceremony, the Arrows placed 2nd in the innovation category, which goes to “the team that has the most innovative and creative robot design solution to any specific components in the FTC game.” Design highlights included 3D designed and printed parts to allow the chassis to sit lower to the ground and a clamp that could reliably retrieve and place game elements in a tower structure.

The Arrows have a short turnaround time to make improvements, as they travel to Canton High School on February 1 for their second qualifier.

The team would like to thank the Andover High School robotics teams for hosting a fun-filled day of high quality competition and a special thank you to the Gear Ticks of Lincoln, MA, for teaming up with us to do battle! 

St. Sebastian's Robotics team's robot.