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Alumni Share Insights on Work Experience

This week, Mr. Doherty’s AP Government class invited two alumni back to the classroom as guest lecturers. Brandon Peck '07, in the Video Classroom, and Bill McCarthy '15, via Zoom, shared insights on their real world experience working in our nation’s capital, Washington, DC. Brandon is a Vice President at Flywheel Government Solutions, a multidisciplinary government relations/government markets advisory and strategy firm. Bill is a staff writer for PolitiFact, a non-profit website devoted to political fact checking, unaffected by agenda or biases. In both cases, Brandon and Bill became interested in the political arena during their college years at Holy Cross and Duke, respectively. As always, Mr. Doherty’s class remains a popular and informative class for today’s Arrows. Guest lecturers like Brandon and Bill bring the material alive for our AP Gov students and no doubt sparked an interest in a “Beltway” career.