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MPA Banquet Celebrates Unity in Diversity

MPA Banquet Celebrates Unity in Diversity

Family and friends of MPA gathered in Ward Hall to share in a wonderful meal and celebrate senior members at the annual Men with Positive Attitudes Banquet on Thursday, May 26. The evening began with a welcome from next year's MPA president, Alex Yang '23, and Amazing Grace was sung by Derron St. Marie '24. Fr. John Arens said grace and everyone helped themselves to a delicious meal prepared by the kitchen staff. Brendan Melley '22, MPA 1st Vice President, shared reflections and John Lordi '23 recited I, Too, Sing America by Langston Hughes. Gary McCall '22, MPA President, then provided his Senior Reflection and Edward Zhang '24 treated the crowd to a piano piece titled Prelude Op. 23 No.5 in G Minor by Sergei Rachmaninoff. A number of underclassmen shared tributes to the departing seniors. Carter Mays '26 then recited a prayer titled Prayer of the Children by Kurt Bestor.

Jonathan Demosthene '24 introduced the guest speaker, Georgetown University Law Professor Michael J. Cedrone, Esq. '91. In his powerful speech, Cedrone weaved together three themes, each marked by a song he associates with this community: "My themes begin with our stories and goals as Men with Positive Attitudes, continue by drawing inspiration from role models in the fight for civil rights, and combine by considering our beloved Mr. Chambers, who urges us to dream beyond ourselves." He concluded with announcing the launch of the Meyer J. Chambers Men with Positive Attitudes Fund. The endowment fund, initiated by Cedrone and supported by alumni and parents, reflects the 35 years of service that Meyer has devoted to the School and the positive impact he has had on countless St. Sebastian’s students.

Following dessert, Assistant Headmaster Michael Nerbonne gave senior recognitions and notes from each senior's memory box were read out loud by faculty members before they boxes were given to each senior. After Headmaster Burke shared a few words and we paid tribute to departing faculty member Aturo Adkins '14, the evening closed with Fr. John Arens offering a traditional blessing upon the seniors. The members of MPA, past and present, congregated at the front of Ward Hall and joined together to sing, "Lift Every Voice and Sing." It was a special night for the seniors, their families, underclassmen and alumni who came back to campus for the event. We were delighted to have three incoming students join us as well.

Thank you to Meyer and Beth Chambers, Aturo Adkins '14, Jeff Riemann, the MPA Parent Group, Michael Fuller and the staff, and everyone that helped make this event a success.

Congratulations to the senior members of MPA:

Gary McCall, Brendan Melley, William Adams, Matthew Choi, Thomas Cronin, Nicholas Derenzo, Ben Frisoli, Jayden Grier, Andrew Hahm, Samuel Ix, Martin Kane, Aidan Maguire, Patrick McKeigue, Mark Newell, Maxwell Surprenant, Richard Walsh, and Gavin Walsh


Male students of an all boys private high school in Massachusetts standing beside a faculty member