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2021 Grandparents & Special Friends Day

Our school year would not be complete without having the chance to host our Grandparents & Special Friends Day. While not in person, we were happy to share our prayers and good wishes and to hear from our talented students, with more than 150 Arrows grandparents and family members tuning in from afar. Thank you to our thoughtful co-chairs, Darice Merageas P'21,'24 and Meredith Shachoy P'21, '25, for their participation and all the St. Sebastian's moms who donned their aprons in spirit. During the virtual Grandparents & Special Friends Day program, Fr. John Arens and Headmaster Bill Burke shared messages of hope and encouragement, grandfather Jim Donovan GP'19 '22, shared his thoughts about the School, our student speaker Alessandro Barbiellini '21 spoke about his grandparents and special friends, and resident musicians, Eddie Zhang '24 and St. Sebastian’s Jazz/Pop Ensemble, entertained us with their performances. Participants also had the opportunity to join Fr. Arens for a virtual Grandparents & Special Friends Day Mass, continuing the tradition of attending Mass with their grandsons when they visit campus each spring.

If you were unable to attend, you are welcome to view the presentation.

Student speaker