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2020 Undergraduate Awards

St. Sebastian's School is proud to recognize the following students who were presented with awards for their academic and extra-curricular achievements during the Undergraduate Awards Assembly held on Wednesday, September 16, 2020.


Boston College
Juan P. Oliva

Brown University
Daniel Y. Ko

Bryant University
Carlos M. Garcia-Marxuach

College of the Holy Cross
Aidan G. Mulvey

Dartmouth College
Edward D. Harrington

George Washington University
Mark T. Wilson

Harvard University
Alessandro G. Barbiellini, Gabriel A. Twohig

Suffolk University
Patrick J. Wade

St. Anselm College
William D. Goldman

St. Lawrence University
Will D. Perri

St. Michael's College
David E. Jones, Nicholas J. Vallace

Trinity College Dublin
Timothy J. Ragnoni

University of Notre Dame
Ryan J. DuFour

University of Virginia
Samuel J. Randall

Villanova University
Conor T. Mynahan

Williams College
Nolan T. McGovern

Yale University
Max. O. Samulka


John P. Birmingham, Jr. Writing Award
Jack R. Lordi

Joseph Compagnone Memorial Award
Benen C. Kaczmarek, Isaiah P. Stanfield

Gandolfo Award
Carlos M. Garcia-Marxuach, Nolan T. McGovern, Timothy J. Ragnoni, Gabriel Twohig

Kevin Ghelli Award
Sean E. Duffy

Robert J. Joyce, Jr. Award
Seamus C. Foley, Gabriel A. Twohig

William P. Judge Award
James R. Joyce, Luke R. Ward

William P. Judge Scholarship
Conor T. Mynahan

James P.B. McDonough Award
John E. Mahoney

Jason Keating Award
Justin P. Bourque

Kevin T. Mutch Award
Thomas J. Messineo

Alizadeh Most Improved Student Award
James E. Freehill, Derek J. O'Donnell

Bausch & Lomb Science Award
Juan P. Oliva

Catholic Citizenship Award
Colin M. Lapus

Chapel Speech Awards
Benen C. Kaczmarek, Max O. Samulka, 11; Andrew J. Hahm, Brian W. Luppy, 10; Edward T. Ryan, Andrew D. Selian, Caspar T. Touloukian, 9; Jack A. Mulka, Luke R. Ward, 8; Declan H. Carroll, Liam N. Cunjack, 7

Frank J. Hennessey, Jr. Award
Alessandro G. Barbiellini, Christian A. Casiano, Henry L. Gennari, Cameron A. Howell, Daniel Y. Ko, Colin M. Lapus

The Men With Positive Attitudes Award
Lyndel T. Erold

The President's Volunteer Service Award
Maxwell C. Surprenant

The Prudential Spirit of Community Award
Maxwell C. Surprenant

Grace S. & Raymond M. Vorce, Sr. Award
Nolan T. McGovern, Aaron N. Pace

We are also delighted to announce the following club and extracurricular awards which students earned in the 2019-2020 academic year. These awards will be mailed home in the next week.

Service to the Dart as Editor:
George E. Addona, Raif S. Boit, Chase W. McCann

Service to the St. Sebastian’s Journal as Editor:
Alessandro G. Barbiellini, Nolan T. McGovern, Conor T. Mynahan, John T. Flynn, Aidan C. McCarthy

Poetry Out Loud School Finalist:
Alessandro G. Barbiellini, Liam C. Muldowney, Connor R. Dumouchel

Excellence in Music:
Alessandro G. Barbielllini, Christian A. Casiano, Henry L. Gennari, Colin M. Lapus, Michael C. Connelly, Alexander G. Maalouf, Ethan L. Merithew, Deven S. Carkner, Gianluca Centola, James R. Joyce, Derron J. St. Marie, Edward B. Zhang, Christopher P. Lynch, Jr.

Excellence in Studio Art:
Richard C. Walsh, Rui Do Rosario, Nicholas P. Ward

Dedication to the Ceramic Arts:
Derron J. St. Marie

Excellence in Art History:
George E. Addona, Raif S. Boit. Lochlan C. Chisholm. James R. Joyce, Maxim D. Kalinichenko

Outstanding Contribution to the Slings and Arrows Players:
Alessandro G. Barbiellini, Cameron A. Howell, Daniel Y. Ko, Colin M. Lapus, Aaron N. Pace, Max O. Samulka, John T. Flynn

Winner of the Annual Shakespeare Competition:
Alessandro G. Barbiellini

American Mathematics Competition, Level 12 Test:
Alessandro G. Barbiellini, First Place
Steven A. Purpura, Second Place

American Mathematics Competition, Level 10 Test:
Noah C. Janchar, First Place
Charles S. DeMatteo, Second Place
Michael J. Kalinichenko, Third Place

Seventh and Eighth Grade Mathematics Club:
Raif S. Boit, Top Scorer
Deven S. Carkner, Top Scorer
Brendan M. Schmidt, Top Scorer
Hugh P. Turner, Rookie of the Year
James R. Joyce, Top Combined Snack Eater/Scorer 

Dedication to Creativity and the Innovation Process:
Joseph D. Pandit, Steven A. Purpura, Timothy R. Souza, Kevin S. Wakakuwa, John D. Heeney, Caspar T. Touloukian, Raif S. Boit, Donal J. O’Connor

Participation in the Philosophy Reading Group:
Alessandro G. Barbiellini, Mark T. Wilson, Edward T. Ryan

Outstanding Contribution to the Creative Writing Club:
Alessandro G. Barbiellini

Participation in Arrows Together:
Alessandro G. Barbiellini, Christian A. Casiano, Colin M. Lapus, Will D. Perri, Mark T. Wilson, Charles S. DeMattteo, John T. Flynn, Paul F. White, James R. Joyce